Fat Fiction Fat, lies and measuring tape


Overweight? How lucky are you?

Crisps - strictly speaking, still a vegetable

You’re like the person who’s never seen an episode of the Wire, and has got it all to come

You’re like the virgin about to pop their cherry

You’re like someone’s who’s never discovered Spotify...

You get the idea.


Because losing weight is ridiculously easy but it’s made so massively hard by a glut of bad advice and vested interests of companies more interesting in selling you an idea rather than results. Once you get why you get fat, you’ll never look back.

Excess body fat is a fuel. A fuel your body can live off and in excess, your body is desperate to get rid of. Sure, it’s happy to keep a few extra pounds to take you through the winter, but you can be sure it doesn’t want to be laden down with lots and lots of it.

So if you want to be slim, your body wants to be slim, why are you fat?

You are overweight because your body is not able to turn to fat as a fuel source. Why? Because your body does not have the right nutrients to allow it to do so. If it did, you’d use the fat. You’d feel less hungry. You’d get slimmer. It’s missing vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, protein … if you don’t have enough of any of these, you’ll stay fat.

If you were living the live of a primitive hunter-gatherer you’d be finely attuned to your sense of hunger, knowing the different types of hunger between being short of energy and needing more minerals from vegetation. But you’re not a hunter-gatherer, you’re more likely to live in Croydon than a cave, and you don’t hunt your food, you shop for it at Tesco. Which is why you need a very simple way to learn, and it’s based on one important thing – you need to eat when you’re hungry, and if you’re still hungry eat something different.

Counter-intuitive eh?

NINO diet

Nutrients in, nutrients out. It’s that simple. I’ve written this diet up because after shedding the equivalent bodyweight of a small child, I’ve been asked countless times, what the hell have you been doing? And enough people have either assumed that I must have been through some kind of torturous diet of fish broth and cabbage to lose weight so fast, when the reality is I ate more. More. Not less.

Read it in full here.

Oh, and before I forget, happy 2011!

Photo from Didby Graham

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  1. If its really that simple and it works then this is brilliant but i fear its a lot more complex than this because i have tried to diet before and not suceeded

  2. Hi, it’s not a diet as such, it’s simply about understanding hunger. Try it and see. There’s an interesting example I just read in the 4-hr-body where someone loses weight by simply monitoring their weight. It’s not magic, it’s just recognising real hunger for what it is.

    Let me know how you get on!

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