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2 minute summary

Fat Fiction > 2 minute summary

This site is about the idea that the obesity epidemic is all about malnutrition, and nothing to do with greed, willpower, laziness or exercise.

How did the world get so fat?

- In the late 1800s, we polished rice and people died of beriberi, a disease caused by nutritional deficiency
- In the early 1900s, we didn't prepare corn properly, and people died of pellagra, a disease caused by nutritional deficiency
- In 1959, industrial production techniques made white flour cheaper and so more popular than whole grain. White flour is not only lacking nutrients, it actively absorbs them, and can damage your GI tract, which prevents you absorbing minerals in other foods. People would have died of diseases caused by the absence of essential vitamins and minerals but they didn't this time.

Instead, this time around, food was cheap and plentiful, so instead people ate until their bodies told them they had all the nutrients they needed, which happened to be several thousand calories later. And so they get fat. So instead, people are now dying of obesity-related illnesses like type 2 diabetes and CVD diseases. Obesity is a disease caused by nutritional deficiency too.

- In the late 1970s, US & UK governments recommended people to stop eating saturated fat, and more grain. Manufacturers replaced fat with sugar, which also strips nutrients. Which means you need to eat more just to survive.

White flour and sugar - that's all you need to turn a nation obese.

You eat until you get enough? What does that mean?

The body’s hunger signals are a cry for nutrients. Sure that can be a hunger for energy (calories), but more often than not it's vitamins, mineral, essential fats or protein. And this hunger will drive you to find those nutrients, even if it means putting on extra weight to find them. It means obesity and all the related diseases like type 2 diabetes, various cancers, gallstones (see D Day) and many more are due to long-term deficiencies in nutrients, be they vitamins, minerals, carbs, protein or fats.

The longer story

The longer version I'm gradually putting together. Posts below in rough order...

In a nutshell

The world is getting fatter and fatter and although everyone thinks they know why, everyone seems powerless to do anything about it. So, either we’re all genetically wired to self-destruct and we’ll end up counting our days on earth in the number of cheeseburgers we’ve got left to eat, or we’re missing something big and obvious that’s been overlooked. For a quick summary, read on... (more...)

Diet of a fat man: flour tortillas and beans

Think of food and obesity and what do you picture? Burgers perhaps? Pizzas? Well, what if obesity was nothing to do with fatty foods? Nothing to do with exercise? And nothing to do with greed? This isn't wild speculation - the evidence already exists. (more...)

Fat, tossers and shrinking black women

It might sound like the start of a bad joke, or a niche porn site, but it's all relevant. What ties together the obesity epidemic, how black women are shrinking across the US and the odd bit of sexual release? And what can explain why the whole world appears to be getting fatter and fatter? For more, read on...


How to make the world fat with two foods

If obesity is caused by hunger due to a lack of nutrients (see previous post), then there’s only three possibilities  - we’re either not eating enough in our diet, we cannot absorb the nutrients we’re eating, or something is stripping the body of the nutrients we need. So, given the astonishing rise in obesity over the past 30 years, what the hell has happened? What have we started eating more of that’s causing us so much trouble? (more...)

How wheat made the world fat: part 1

Take two fat twins. Give them breakfast in the morning of bacon and eggs, except for the first twin, the one you don’t particularly like preferably, give them a crumpet as well.

At lunchtime, both are given an all you can eat buffet.
Repeat this every day for a month. Over the course of a month, who will eat more at lunchtime? (more...)

How wheat made the world fat: part 2

How does the world class jockey, Ruby Walsh, keep control of his weight? Simple he says. “Bread is my nemesis”.

It’s becoming more and more common that people are realising gluten, found in wheat, barley and rye  is behind weight gain (read part 1 of this post here). But what about some hard evidence?


Sugar and the venus fly trap

The sweet nectar of a venus fly trap that draws in bugs and insects so that it can trap you, eat you, and ultimately kill you can also be found everywhere in your local Aldi/Waitrose. While your choice of supermarket depends on how posh you are, or think you are, the effects of sugar show no deference to class, status or wealth. It’ll screw with you either way. And yet even knowing this, we call can’t get enough of the stuff and ram every single product with as much sugar as humanly possible. (more...)

How the world got fat - the conclusion

This whole website was borne out of one single idea, after I got gallstones. After researching, I found that the Pima Indians had gone from healthy to fat with the highest incidence of gallstones in the world, by the swapping of corn flour for white flour, and the addition of sugar to their diets. And I had an idea – what if obesity was simply the result of eating more to get all the nutrients you need to live, but not eating enough nutrients to burn body fat? Given white flour represents wheat stripped of all nutrition, this would make perfect sense...


How to solve obesity in the UK and beyond

Your name is Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary.  You’ve been in power for some months now, you span around in your executive leather chair a few times, you’ve taken a machete to the NHS, you’ve stopped everyone ordering croissants in meetings (strictly speaking a financial measure but you’ll take the credit for obesity reduction too) but now you need to get serious. The treasury have been banging on your door, demanding to reduce spending on the NHS and you know obesity is the biggest preventable cause of health spending in the country, and you need to do something about it.


The last piece of the puzzle

What’s the missing link? Something on this site isn’t right, and I think I know what it is. We get fat (and gallstones) because of a lack of nutrients – that’s the theory this whole site is about, and although I firmly believe that’s true, I knew it was missing something. Like what? Well, here's what I didn't tell you... (more...)