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The final countdown

Countdown has begun

The final countdown has begun. To the the London olympics? Nah, something far more important. In just over one month, I’ll see if this whole exercise has been worthwhile by getting a scan done to see if – as I believe – gallstones are caused by a lack of nutrients.

I’ll be honest with you, I stopped taking Rowachol a while back, having completed maybe 60 days in total since I started at the beginning of this blog (15/10/10). So will it work, or will be a crushing embarrassment, never to be spoken about again? Read on for more.

I went to register with a new GP to make sure I get a scan done in time for the deadline. I told her about having gallstones and she smiled and carried on typing. I pressed her to see what was so funny. Was it my natural charm? Or did she think I’m an idiot? Or possibly a charming idiot? I was relaxed either way, and she explained a few key facts.

“It almost certainly won’t work”

“You should be on a low-fat diet”

“Surgery is the easiest option”

All of these things could be true. And even this sample of one won’t prove much. But I do know this. I haven’t had a gallstone attack since I changed my diet. I’ve been expecting one but it ain’t come. To my mind, that’s a success in itself, but continuing on. Also, my diet has gone from very low fat to pretty high fat. So maybe I’ll have several thousand gallstones when I get a scan? Who knows.

And finally, I do agree about one thing. Surgery is the easiest option. It’s a hell of a lot easier than looking closely at what you’re eating that’s causing you plus millions of others worldwide so much damage.

Time will tell…

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  1. I can’t wait to see what your results are. Even if the stones are still there, I think you are on to something. I would definitely say their advice to eat low fat is wrong. If stagnant bile got us into this mess how is it going to be helpful to not give it a reason to move? After my diagnosis 2 months ago I was all ready to go low fat and then I started reading about what causes them – how I found your blog – and realized that was a bad move so I went back to eating fat. I haven’t had any attacks since. I am also taking several supplements like magnesium taurate, lecithin, inositol, fish oil, etc. I even took Rowachol for a short time until I learned it works best for cholesterol stones. I have also started to drink chanca piedra tea every day. I’m with you though about not removing my gall bladder. I believe the process can be reversed by changing the factors that caused it in the first place. I look forward to seeing how your experiment turns out and I hope you’ll continue to fine tune it no matter what the test results are.

  2. Thanks Nancy, we’ll see hey? Best of luck with yours as well, and here’s to two full recoveries…

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