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Why do you get gallstones?

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Fat, female, fair, forty, fertile, family history, rapid fat loss, liver disease, Chrohn’s disease, high fat diet, low fat diet, high carbohydrate diet. This is a list of the common risk factors for gallstones. Add that to the thousands of clinical research papers on gallstones, and you have yourself one confusing problem. It initially seemed  impenetrable, but there is enough evidence that I believe there is a simple answer.

The short answer is this: the main reasons for gallstones is production of inbalanced bile and bile stasis (literally holding onto bile for too long in the gallbladder.

This is caused by a long term deficiency or inbalance of key minerals (mainly manganese, calcium, zinc, and magnesium, possibly others such as copper, choline, phosphorous etc). Bile stasis is caused by food allergies which cause you to hold bile too long in the gallbladder. However, both the food allergies and the mineral deficiencies have the same causes:

- eating too much flour , particularly white flour, or sugar which strips minerals from your body
- eating anything containing gluten (contained in wheat in all its forms, barley and rye) which can potentially damage the villi in your gastro-intestinal tract and prevents absorption of minerals and cause multiple allergies
- not eating enough foods that contain these minerals

Prove it!

I’m saying sugar, and flour products like bread, pasta, noodles give you gallstones. It’s taken me months to figure this out, but I’m certain it’s right. If you’ve no interest in the mechanics of why, then fair enough, skip straight on to the cure, but you should be very wary of trusting some random website and should do your own diligence. I have read the most amount of junk science regarding gallstones so you should be just as sceptical here. All that said, I am confident it does stack up, so let’s break it down. All links here are genuine clinical papers, and not Homeopathy Monthly or any such flakiness.

And if you're looking for the one crunch point of evidence, read my post on the Pima Indians. The sole changes in their diet were the changing of corn flour for white wheat flour, and the addition of sugar. This has turned them into the group of people with the highest incidence of gallstones in the world today - over 70% of women over 30 have gallstones. Why isn't this common knowledge?

Sample of one

Before I do – me and gallstones. This isn’t just a self-indulgent bit, honest. I’ve had 3 major gallstone attacks, and a couple of minor ones. When I say major, I meant pulse falling, colour draining, down on my knees, puking fests that felt as close to death as you might ever want to get. Outside of that, I’ve had plenty of rumbling; very mild pain in the gallbladder but nothing significant. Key points are:

1)      All three followed the same pattern of a long run, replenishing energy with plenty of carbs (as per normal dietary and scientific wisdom), and a night out drinking (not doctor endorsed, I know).

2)      I ate loads of bread in general. I used to literally crave it, almost as much as I did when I used to smoke.

3)      I’d lost a couple of stone in weight. Not fast mind – they say rapid weight loss (3lbs + / week) is usually responsible. I was nearer 1-2 lbs when I first kicked off

4)      I had a low fat diet.

In whatever theory I came up with, it would have to wrap up all of that but also the common perceived wisdom...

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