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It was a simple idea -  because a lack of nutrients binds together all the risk factors of gallstones, so would a solid, nutrient heavy diet reverse the process? The answer on 1st June 2011 was a resounding... no. So the quest for an answer is still ongoing. See below for progress

If you've got gallstones...

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If you're trying to lose weight...

I think it is quite restrictive, and probably unnecessarily so (for example, I don't believe all grains are equally as bad, and I don't quite buy into the carbohydrate hypothesis either), and yet in spite of that right now the best thing out there that will work, with absolute certainty is the Paleo diet, in all its many guises. See Loved for more on this.


Below you'll find all the latest updates written here since this intro above, most recent first


The first update: crash and burn

To recap : 2 months ago I got several gallstone attacks. Once it was diagnosed, I pretty much went wheat free straight away, half by accident and half by design, but as I started researching it, it made more and more sense. It’s led to a semi-Paleo diet, getting rid of grain pretty much altogether, and gluten 100%. Things immediately started improving. This is my first update...

"You’re having a heart attack"

My pulse was dropping fast … 55…50…45…44…43…42. Slower, and slower. Am I dying? The colour drained from my face, and my skin went clammy.

I turned a disturbing shade of grey, and I sank to my knees, in absolute agony. I relented and called for help. Five minutes later, an entirely unqualified but disturbingly chipper northern girl from NHS Direct was calmly talking to me as if my IQ was near fatal and permanent collapse. (more...)

Gallstones - newsflash!

So, this is the third update about gallstones which hell, even I know is niche reading. Even jazzing it up by writing newsflash is pretty desperate. Although 1 in 10 people will get gallstones in their lives, you’ll only generally be interested if you’ve got them right now, and even then I better make it snappy because who really wants a blow by blow account of how it’s going ? Still here? Blimey, OK then. (more...)

The final countdown

The final countdown has begun. To the the London olympics? Nah, something far more important. In just over one month, I’ll see if this whole exercise has been worthwhile by getting a scan done to see if – as I believe – gallstones are caused by a lack of nutrients.

I’ll be honest with you, I stopped taking Rowachol a while back, having completed maybe 60 days in total since I started at the beginning of this blog (15/10/10). So will it work, or will be a crushing embarrassment, never to be spoken about again? Read on for more. (more...)

Does a Paleo diet dissolve gallstones?

So, after all this banging on about what, why  and how, it all boiled down to a single 15 minutes with a doctor that looked like Uma Thurman. This was it – it would answer if you can dissolve gallstones with a radical change in diet. Are gallstones due to a lack of nutrients? Does a highly nutritious diet replace the nutrients necessary to prevent and even dissolve gallstones? How does it all fit together? It didn’t take long to find out…


When Plan A fails…

“Never have a plan B. It always gets in the way of plan A”, so said wise philosopher, erm, Will Smith. And so it is with the post last week, which answered the simple question “Does a paleo-ish diet dissolve gallstones?”. And the answer is a resounding no – it’s got a lot worse. So what does this mean? Rip it up and start again or give up? Well, thanks to a lot of really useful feedback last week, I’ve got a good idea of next steps. (more...)

Doctors and quacks

Today I finally got around to seeing the GP so we can officially agree a course of action for a case of advanced gallstones. Given I’ve not spent much time with doctors, GPs, hospitals or the medical profession, I was expecting the usual you know nothing, doctor knows best kind of patronising bull. Why? Well, we all know that several major scientific discoveries have been suppressed right from cancer through to AIDs yeah? No? Well, prepare to be enlightened… (more...)

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