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Got gallstones? Rubbish aren't they? This is how this site started - for the full unadulterated version have a read of In the beginning... which is how this site started, when I was diagnosed with gallstones.

This bit I hope will become the resource for people with gallstones with one sole intention - getting rid of the feckers. If you've been doing a moment's worth of internet searching you'll have found a whole world of shite purporting to be good advice.  For example, if you've already started the old 'what foods trigger it off and try and eliminate those', you should have developed a list of foods that covers virtually everything ever grown or consumed on planet earth. Not helpful eh?

You'll have come across the gallstone flush too (again, see In the beginning...) but you might understandably be a bit reticent about necking a gallon of olive oil under the advice of the same woman who claimed to have cured AIDS by wiring her patients up to a 10V battery. You and me both.

I'm not a doctor, which is why everything in this section will be backed up by clinical references. Everything. Call me out if I make a mistake, miss something out, but I'll promise to be completely upfront about what I do know, what I've found out, and where it's all a bit woolly.

So why do this?

First off, I'd like to stop people getting gallstones. Why should anyone  have to suffer with surgery and the post-surgical complications of gallbladder removal unless it's 100% necessary? But more than that, if gallbladder stones are created as I believe by a lack of nutrients, it adds weight to my theory that obesity is down to a lack of nutrients (see 2 minute summary for more).

I'd like to prove it with more people of course. And then when it works, noone would ever have gallstone surgery anymore. But more importantly, the diet industry could crumble and fade away and we all restore nutrients and return back to our normal weight and carry on with doing something more important than worrying about how many calories a ricecake contains. Wouldn't that be good?

So that's why I'm doing a live experiment to see if I can put my money (or stones) where my mouth is. To be honest, I'll look a bit of an eejit if it doesn't work out.

Gallstone resource

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3 >> Medical studies

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