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Pasta pushers say pasta is good for you

Lunch at the Pasta Congress

In possibly the most shameless piece of shill science, a 'scientific conference' stated that pasta is good for your health. Oh hold on no, it was the International Pasta Organisation, as part of the IV World Pasta Congress - yes really -  who organised a bunch of pasta-friendly scientists to get together and tell the world pasta is great.

Pasta, usually made with durum flour - a concentrated source of gluten made from the endosperm of the grain - is about the most nutrient-stripping meal you can choose. Not only does it have all the dubious benefits of the goodness-stripping action of wheat, it exposes the maximum amount of gluten. No wonder then that 1 in 20 people in Italy are diagnosed celiac, not to mention the millions of others who have non-clinical intolerance to gluten.

But, I hear you cry, if lack of nutrients is behind obesity, shouldn't the pasta eaters of the world - the Italians - be suffering from a major case of obesity? That's surely not possible, given we all know Italians either look like Monica Bellucci or Julio Iglesias don't they? Not really no - over 30% of children aged 7-11 are overweight or obese. The traditional Italian diet with plenty of nutrients would ordinarily easily outweigh the damage done by the pasta, but then all it takes is a  slight increase in processed foods, and suddenly everyone's more Pavarotti than Piero.

Buon appetito!


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