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Fat people smell better. But too fat for sex

If only it were true...

Just two quick outrageous stories for the weekend. In the clinical study released by scientists at Portsmouth university this week entitled, “Fat people are better at sniffing out food”... oh hold on. That was the Daily Mail headline. The less glamorous-sounding clinical paper was “High hunger increases olfatactory sensitivity to neutral but not food odors”. I suspect that sub-editor post at the Mail is safe and sound. But back to the paper, the conclusions from it are astonishing…

In brief, fatter people have a better sense of smell for food than their leaner friends. Interesting reading, something to muse on, and yes actually the study is a bit more detailed than that – you can read the whole thing here.

But anyway, the astonishing conclusion is the one from the Daily Mail

It is thought that an extra-keen sense of smell makes it harder for them to say ‘No’  - which is why they pile on the pounds.

What? Did I hear you correctly?

I think we all know what the writer’s thinking. Fat people… hmm, eat too much, can’t help themselves… fat people… greedy people… burger and chips… biscuits and crisps. A quick clatter of the keys later, and some more garbage to add to the pile of obesity thinking is born. Nice work Daily Mail!

The problem is, the image and problem of obesity isn’t helped when you get stories like Man too fat for sex, earlier this week in the Daily Star. Ho ho ho. The thirty stone Daniel Saunders is heading to the Czech Republic for gastric band surgery later this month, otherwise he might die, which isn’t quite as funny. He says

People look at me and think I’m greedy, but I’m not – it’s a psychological problem and I need help to beat this.

I’d agree he needs help, but his problem is not a psychological one. I’m sure that’s what he thinks and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what people have told him. But underlying I am absolutely certain if he were to give up gluten entirely, reduce sugar and ensure he had enough other nutrients in his diet, he’d instantly start losing weight. Without being hungry.

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