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Do you not think it's well... a bit odd? The fact that the world has suddenly grown fat in a single generation? Since the explosion of gyms, low-fat foods, calorie counting and government healthy eating advice, 1 in 4 people in Britain are obese, and 2 in 3 are overweight. What's going wrong?

It's all about malnutrition. Once you get your head around that idea, obesity and all its related problems start making sense. Need to lose weight? Simple. Or maybe you've got gallstones? Well, as I'm finding out, that's not so simple.
Like any blog, this is all a work in progress, but if you're going to start anywhere, 2 minute summary is as good as any.

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Barbaric bariatrics

They tie a knot in your stomach like this. Probably

In years to come, they're going to look back on gastric band stapling as something akin to medieval torture, I swear. Gastric band is supposedly the last resort of obesity; you get so fat you staple the stomach to stop people eating. The positive is - they stop eating, and lose weight. The negative? Requirements for tons of vitamins to compensate for the loss of absorption in the GI tract, plus hundreds of tales of general misery (google away for tales of woe).


Sugar and the venus fly trap

Tempted? Of course you are

The sweet nectar of a venus fly trap that draws in bugs and insects so that it can trap you, eat you, and ultimately kill you can also be found everywhere in your local Aldi/Waitrose. While your choice of supermarket depends on how posh you are, or think you are, the effects of sugar show no deference to class, status or wealth. It’ll screw with you either way. And yet even knowing this, we call can’t get enough of the stuff and ram every single product with as much sugar as humanly possible.


Teenage mums and the burger bun

Bread people - responsible for fathering kids worldwide

Whenever you hear politicians banging on - and let’s face it, they do bang on - about teenage pregnancy, one sentence I can guarantee you’ll never hear is that ‘one of real reasons the UK has the dubious honour of being a world leader of teenagers popping sproglets is because we also are fighting for top place in the world obesity stakes too’.  In short, eating badly increases teenage pregnancy. Why? Simple evolution.

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Sugar, the magic weight loss fuel


If there’s one food that everyone, from dietary advice councils to paleo enthusiasts routinely round up on, it’s sugar. Guaranteed to make you sick, ill, fat, deficient and hyperglycaemic, it’s the pure refined stuff found in foods worldwide, and is the very definition of guilty pleasure. And yet, it can make you lose weight.