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This site was the result of an accidental diet in August 2010. I got gallstones, officially diagnosed in September 2010, and decided wheat was probably the cause. I cut out wheat, and replaced it with more meat and saturated fat so I wouldn't go hungry and dropped several stone.


I'd combed through hundreds of medical papers that seemed to point to gallstones being caused by a lack of essential vitamins and minerals in the diet *. But what if obesity was also caused by a lack of nutrients? You couldn't burn off fat because you hadn't absorbed the necessary nutrients in your diet?

Then, for the first time ever, I read about diets, paleo eating, low carb, ran a marathon, scratched my head and thought this all ties in beautifully together, and this blog was born.

I don't profess to have all the answers by any means, and even from when I first started this in September, I've discovered thousands of amazing, informative and outright brilliant blogs (a handful of those I've written about on Loved). Some of the best are about changes individuals have made in their diet and how it affected them. But very few cover what I think really is the big question - how the hell did 1 in 3 people in the world - 2 billion people - get overweight, in one single generation?

About me
I live in London, with my wonderful other half who's not afraid to tell me I'm wrong, when I frequently am but don't tell her.

I also work as a (non-medical) consultant, with some great colleagues who are also not afraid to tell me when I'm wrong. When I'm at work, I am rarely wrong. Please remember that.

Healthwise, I'm now mid 30s at what you'd call a healthy weight. Of course it's not always been like that - see below for more.

* Not a view shared by any gastroenterologists as far as I know, which is why I'm putting it to the test - see Gallstones for more.

From the beginning...

Tough. My GP didn’t say these exact words when she told me I had gallstones, but she might have well as done.
“Why do you get them?”
“Genetics, diet, lack of exercise, obesity, bad luck...”
She trailed off looking at her watch. I was taking up valuable time.

Losing 4 stone in 8 months

I always thought when I was slimmer, in my early 20s, that fat people must be pigging out more than slim people; surely it was a case of eat less and move faster. It seems pretty obvious - fat people are just greedy. When my weight started to creep up in my 20s, I’d still say it was ultimately because of bad eating habits, so while I wasn’t rejoicing growing outwards, I’d still hold myself accountable for it. (more...)